Drawing Sound in MR Space (DSMR) project

Development of sound drawing methods using mixed reality

Mixed Reality (MR) technology enables virtual objects (sounds, images, etc.) to be superimposed three-dimensionally in real space as if they actually existed there. How can we develop sound drawing methods, with the MR, that many composers or artists have challenged so far?
In this research, we are working on this “question” through the development of a “Drawing Sound in MR Space” expression method that enables us to draw sound in midair.

【 Project Members】

  • Ryu Nakagawa
  • Ryo Komatsubara
  • Taku Ota
  • Ken Sonobe
  • Hidefumi Ohmura (Tokyo University of Science)
  • Takahisa Mitsumori (aka mergrim)
  • Kiyoshi Furukawa (Tokyo University of the Arts)


  • Drawing Sound in MR Space (2017 – 2019) [ > ]
  • Air Maestros (2018) [ > ]
  • Multimodal connectoR (2018) [ > ]
  • Encounters (2019 – 2020) [ > ]

【Supported by】

  • The work was partially supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 18K00210.