Ken Sonobe, Ryu Nakagawa

Encounters provides a multiparticipant audiovisual art experience with a cross reality (XR) system which consists of HoloLens, VIVE Tracker and SteamVR. In this experience, participants fire virtual bullets or beams at physical objects which then create a physical sound and a corresponding virtual visual effect. This is done by placing a “Kuroko” unit, which consists of a Raspberry Pi unit and a solenoid, beside a physical object using the XR system. We prepared eight Kuroko units which participants can freely place anywhere in the physical space. Then, they would interact with physical objects in the space by making sounds using the XR system. We believe that through this multiparticipant experience, participants not only experience a new form of art expression using XR but also rethink their relationship with other participants or physical things and the environment.

Encounters is one of the art experiences emerged from the research project “Drawing Sound in MR Space.”