A Study of Mindfulness Practice System Using VR and Neuro-feedback


Mindfulness practice attracts people’s attention recently. It is said that mindfulness practice has the effect for stress reduction. Mindfulness is a normal mental state of awareness, where you are, what you’re doing in here now. Mindfulness practice aims to avoid having the state of mind wondering, which is said that one of cause of stress. Nowadays, some mindfulness practice systems using virtual reality (VR) and bio-feedback technology are introduced and suggested to extend by new media technology. It is considered that using bio-feedback makes a practitioner get out of the state of mind wondering easily by the awareness of the state of mind in a mindfulness practice. Furthermore it is said that changing a practitioner’s room to an extraordinary space made by VR might be effective as the method of stress reduction. Our mindfulness practice system consists of consumer electroencephalograph (EEG) and VR head-mounted display. When an attention value derived from the player’s brain wave exceeds the threshold value, the player can float in the air in the VR space as an extraordinary space and enjoy the landscape of the space.