“Meta Flowers” was selected for SIGGRAPH 2022.

  The DSMR project work “Meta Flowers” has been selected for the Immersive Pavilion slot at SIGGRAPH 2022, wh

バーチャルオープンラボVol.2開催 〜メタバースにおけるバーチャルオープンラボの可能性およびその実践、3月24日より公開中〜




M1の薗部健が「KUMA EXHIBITION 2021」に参加します

    クマ財団の第4期奨学生による作品展「KUMA EXHIBITION 2021」にM1の薗部健が出品します



NakagawaLab Open Lab 2019 “7 Realities”

As shown below, we will held this year’s Open Lab, “7 Realities.” ・Date: December 14, 2019 ・Hours: 10:00

“Encounters” was selected for SIGGRAPH 2019 XR presentations

  “Encounters” was selected to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 XR Presentations Program. SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 will be held from

Selected as the finalist for VR Creative Award 2019

“Encounters” was selected as the finalist of VR Creative Award 2019. VRクリエイティブアワードとは VRクリエ

Selected for SIGGRAPH 2019 virtual, augmented and mixed reality programs

“Drawing Sound in MR Space” was selected to the SIGGRAPH 2019 Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Program as a pa

Art and Media Experience Lab OpenLab 2018

Art and Media Experience Lab OpenLab 2018 “9 demonstrations” OTA Taku, KOMATSUBARA Ryo, OHASHI Sayuri, MOCHIZUKI Soji, KAM

Accepted as WEEKEND PROJECT at LV ReVolution 2018

One of our laboratory MR projects was accepted as [WEEKEND PROJECT] at Laval Virtual ReVolution 2018 held annually in Laval, F

Draw sound in MR space ~ MR空間に音を描く ~

東京藝術大学大学美術館 陳列館で開催される企画展「N/O/W/H/E/R/E – ニューメディアの場所(

NakagawaLab Open House 2017


Brain Dreams Music – 脳が夢見る音楽

  「Brain dreams Music – 脳が夢見る音楽」は、脳のはたらきを音楽として聴いたり、映像