Meta Flowers


Ken Sonobe, Ryu Nakagawa

Concept/System Direction: Ken Sonobe
Concept/Creative Direction: Ryu Nakagawa

[Special members for SIGGRAPH 2022]
Programing: Masaya Furukawa (NakagawaLab)
System Direction: Masaya Furukawa, Ayano Yamanaka (NakagawaLab)
Sound Design: Hidefumi Ohmura (Tokyo University of Science), Takuro Shibayama (Tokyo Denki University)





“Meta Flowers” is a multiparticipant installation artwork with Cross Reality (XR) . Wearing a glove-type tactile device consisting of linear resonant actuators (LRA) and a microcontroller with Wi-Fi unit, and HoloLens 2, participants are able to experience XR through the act of arranging virtual flower (VF) with ‘shadow,’ ‘rigidbody,’ and ‘sound.’ A VIVE Tracker placed on the tip of a metal rod inserted into a vase on the table, and VF blooms there. The real shadows of the vases, sticks, and artificial flowers, and the virtual shadows of the VFs are projected onto the table by the light and images projected from the projector on the ceiling, creating a fusion without unnaturalness. Participants can move the VFs and arrange them in vases on the table. When Participants touch the VF, petals of the VF fall and participants get tactile sensations through the haptics glove. In addition, when water is poured into a vase of metal rods without petals using a sensor-equipped jug, the VF blooms again. VFs play sounds while they are in bloom, and their pitch change depending on the position of them.