A Virtual Reality Content for Disaster Mitigation Education in Bhutan


This work is a VR content for disaster mitigation education in Bhutan using PC based VR, HTC Vive. We aim at disaster mitigation enlightenment of the people in Bhutan. In this content, they are possible to experience a virtual earthquake within the rammed earth building where earthquake damage is concentrated in Bhutan. We conducted a number of investigations to design the space and the situation where Bhutanese can experience realistic earthquakes. We set details of VR experience design based on the obtained information. Physical calculation was used for object groups, and it expresses the falling of furniture due to earthquake shaking. Earthquake expressions which a collapse on a wall and dust were also used. A player can move freely within the VR space by using Vive. In addition, three Vive tracker that can track real space are attached to hands and a chair, and it strengthens the sense of presence by seamlessly connecting within VR space.