Meta Musicking

   Drawing Sound in MR (DSMR) Project This work is a multi-participant piece experienced with internet-connected MR

SVR-2: Archiving and Dissemination of Projects with Metaverse

SATREPS BHUTAN VR (SVR) Project This work is a metaverse world replicated in the VRChat of the experimental facility construct

SVR-4: An educational VR for rammed earth houses builders

Masaya Furukawa, Sonam Tshewang, Ryu Nakagawa This work is a VR experience allowing interactive observation of the seismic con

SVR-1: An educational VR for earthquake disaster mitigation in Bhutan

SATREPS BHUTAN VR (SVR) Project This work is a VR experience developed for earthquake disaster mitigation education in Bhutan.

SVR-3(Disaster mitigation education VR demonstration system)

Masaya Furukawa, Ayano Yamanaka, Sonam Tshewang, Ryu Nakagawa This work is a VR earthquake experience demonstration that allow

Avatar museum"DIVEǃ"

Yuzuki Takagi, Kotaro Kishi, Ryu Nakagawa This work is an “Avatar Exhibition” world on VRChat, created while const

Club Avatar: Eimoni2

Kaito Kakiuchi, Kotaro Kishie, Ryu Nakagawa We perceive the avatar as a “new medium of expression actively linking real

Around the Mysterious Structure [Rebuild]

Kotaro Kishie, Kaito Kakiuchi, Yuzuki Takagi, Masaya Furukawa, Ryu Nakagawa (special thanks) Sound Design: Yuki Oshiro VRCSDK

バーチャルオープンラボVol.2開催 〜メタバースにおけるバーチャルオープンラボの可能性およびその実践、3月24日より公開中〜


A VRChat world where a virtual player blends in

   Natsuki Ito This artwork is a VRChat world that focuses on the amplified distrust in communication between av

Possibilities for Dynamic Preservation and Experience of Retired Railcars in a Metaverse

   Atom Kataoka In this work, a retired railroad car is dynamically preserved in a metaverse for public viewing,

A VR possession experience using haptics and hand tracking

   Yuki Terada In this study, we call the structure in which a user maintains self-awareness (through the first-

Representation of VR Kowloon Walled City using the database in the mirror world era

   Masaya Furukawa Digital twin objects using photogrammetry are beginning to intervene as a new reality in cont

A VR otome game that you can feel the character’s body temperature using peltier devices,

   Ayano Yamanaka This work is a VR otome game that you can feel the body temperature of the target character with