Around the Mysterious Structure [Rebuild]

Kotaro Kishie, Kaito Kakiuchi, Yuzuki Takagi, Masaya Furukawa, Ryu Nakagawa

(special thanks)
Sound Design: Yuki Oshiro
VRCSDK Research: Risako Otsuka, Reina Kato, Taisei Kano
Video Record: Reina Kato, Taisei Kano

This work is a public art project that utilizes VRChat (VRC), an actual metaverse to create a space for speculative thinking about the post-metaverse art experience. In this VRC world, visitors will move back and forth between “Site(VR)” and “Nonsite(VR)” to constructively understand the meaning of the world. In the Site(VR), visitors can ride on hot air balloons or in helicopters while observing the mysterious structure. Around the structure, visitors will have a surreal experience of death. Nonsite(VR) is a gallery with installation works and video installations that represent fragments of mysterious structures.

【Detail of the work】
Around the Mysterious Structure [Rebuild]


【World information】
World name:Around the Mysterious Structure [Rebuild]
World format:Cross platfomr(Only a part of the world is compatible with the Quest),World for HMD experience (experience on desktop version is deprecated)