Around the Mysterious Structure [Rebuild]

Kotaro Kishie, Kaito Kakiuchi, Yuzuki Takagi, Masaya Furukawa, Ryu Nakagawa

(special thanks)
Sound Design: Yuuki Oshiro
SDK Research: Risako Otsuka
Video Record: Reina Kato, Taisei Kano

“Around the Mysterious Structure [Rebuild]” is a art project that utilizes VRChat (VRC), an actual metaverse to create a space for speculative thinking about the post-metaverse art experience. Visitors will constructively understand the meaning of this VRC world by going back and forth between the “Site(VR)” and the “Non-Site(VR).”
This work is an integrated rebuild of “Around the Mysterious Structure (AMS)” and “Around the Mysterious Structure 2.0 (AMS2.0)”, which the authors produced in 2020. AMS received an honorable mention in the Virtual Space Design Awards “VRAA02” and is still open to the public as VRC World along with AMS2.0. The previous two titles were created for the Quest world, but we have reconsidered the concept and restructured them for the PC-VR experience. This cross-platform world recommends the PC-VR experience, but only some areas can be experienced in the Quest world.

【Detail of the work】
Around the Mysterious Structure [Rebuild]


【World Information】
World Name:Around the Mysterious Structure [Rebuild]
World Format:Cross Platform