“Meta Flowers” was selected for SIGGRAPH 2022.


The DSMR project work “Meta Flowers” has been selected for the Immersive Pavilion slot at SIGGRAPH 2022, which is currently being held. Due to Covid-19 and other factors, the project team was unable to travel to Vancouver this time and had to choose not to participate in the Immersive Pavilion because it was required to exhibit in person. However, thanks to the organizer’s arrangement, the abstract of this work were issued.

・Title: Meta Flowers: An Analogy of Life in the XR Era
・Authors: Ken Sonobe, Masaya Furukawa, Ayano Yamanaka, Hidefumi Ohmura, Takuro Shibayama, Ryu Nakagawa

Download the abstract(ACM Digital Library)





In addition, you can experience the work in the DSMR project room in the “Nakagawa Lab Virtual Open Lab Vol. 2” being held in VRChat, one of the metaverse.



 “Nakagawa Lab Virtual Open Lab Vol. 2”
Venue , VRChat world: Virtual Seminar Room 2, Nakagawa Laboratory, Nagoya City University Graduate School of Design and Architecture
World format: Cross-platform (Meta Quest series compatible), world for HMD experience (experience on desktop version is not recommended)