On The Stage

Risako Otsuka, Taki Nakamura, Masaya Furukawa, Ryu Nakagawa This work is a VR piece allowing for a simulated experience of a p

Passed the first round of “XR CREATIVE AWARD 2022”

The ASVR project work “Around the Mysterious Structure [Rebuild]” has passed the first round of the XR CREATIVE AW

Around the Mysterious Structure [Rebuild]

Kotaro Kishie, Kaito Kakiuchi, Yuzuki Takagi, Masaya Furukawa, Ryu Nakagawa (special thanks) Sound Design: Yuki Oshiro VRCSDK

“Meta Flowers” was selected for SIGGRAPH 2022.

  The DSMR project work “Meta Flowers” has been selected for the Immersive Pavilion slot at SIGGRAPH 2022, wh

バーチャルオープンラボVol.2開催 〜メタバースにおけるバーチャルオープンラボの可能性およびその実践、3月24日より公開中〜




Meta Flowers: An Analogy of Life in the XR Era

   Ken Sonobe, Ryu Nakagawa “Meta Flowers” is a multiparticipant installation artwork with Cross Reality

A VRChat world where a virtual player blends in

   Natsuki Ito This artwork is a VRChat world that focuses on the amplified distrust in communication between av

Possibilities for Dynamic Preservation and Experience of Retired Railcars in a Metaverse

   Atom Kataoka In this work, a retired railroad car is dynamically preserved in a metaverse for public viewing,

A VR possession experience using haptics and hand tracking

   Yuki Terada In this study, we call the structure in which a user maintains self-awareness (through the first-

Representation of VR Kowloon Walled City using the database in the mirror world era

   Masaya Furukawa Digital twin objects using photogrammetry are beginning to intervene as a new reality in cont

A VR otome game that you can feel the character’s body temperature using peltier devices,

   Ayano Yamanaka This work is a VR otome game that you can feel the body temperature of the target character with




M1の高木佑月が現代美術家・作間敏宏氏の指導のもと、作間氏の個展(“colony,” @ Gallery HAM, 20